Motech Brake Pads: It’s Ceramic NAO!

Introducing Motech’s Brake Pads: Ceramic Nao. These brake discs are made of Organic/NAO (Non-asbestos organic) and ceramic materials that ensure smooth stopping, quiet and less dusty braking, and comfortable driving. Available in Motech Stores.

NOISE LEVEL Lower Higher
DUST Generates less dust Generates more dust
ABRASION & WEAR Wear more slowly, but are abrasive to the rotor Wear faster, but cause less rotor wear
PERFORMANCE Inferior performance under extreme conditions Superior performance under extreme considtions
HEAT DISSIPATION Pads cool more quickly, but pull less heat from rotor Pads retain more heat, but pull heat from rotor
PRIMARY APPLICATIONS Suited for every day driving Suited for every day driving, and also racing, heavy truck and towing, police